Wagstaffs Design is a highly creative studio with considerable professional experience working for Public and Private sector development clients worldwide. Our talented team combine innovation with strategy to create effective marketing and communication campaigns to support a wide range of national and international infrastructure projects, property marketing campaigns and public consultations. We help people to see what you are thinking.

Designing for global infrastructure projects is technically challenging and time critical. Our pioneering visual tools and communications expertise are fast becoming crucial to some of the most important projects in the UK and worldwide, demonstrating feasibility, future proofing, overcoming design challenges as well as winning new contracts for our clients.
As well as creating strong brands and powerful marketing campaigns, our integrated design and digital teams have developed pioneering digital tools that are fast changing the buying experience and increasing property sales. Touchscreen apartment finders, interactive media tables, realtime apps and responsive websites all can form part of your marketing mix.
Restructuring the NHS in north London, digging National Grid power tunnels under the capital or Network Rail making significant rail improvements in Manchester all require sensitive and effective stakeholder engagement. Our bespoke suite of online and digital tools are capable of reaching the widest of audiences and are being used to great effect throughout the UK
We know what it's like to be on the winning team. We take a strategic role within the delivery team, not only ensuring bid and tender documents are creatively designed and highlight your unique selling points, but also co-ordinating the production process.
Realtime VUITNOW apps allow users to explore and interact with an attraction in amazing detail. VUITNOW is being used to promote tourism and visitor attractions, transforming the on-site experience. It is both a way-finding tool and a leisure/education app in one.
The brand is an organisation's most valuable asset. We create and build brands informed by intelligence and insight. Creating awareness and recognition, communicating strong ideas, competitive advantage, trust and belief, to achieve tangible results.
Creative intelligent design is at the heart of everything we do. We draw on our expertise in branding, design for print, exhibitions, 3D architectural visualisation, digital presentations and web design to provide a broad range of communication services where design, innovation and technology converge. We help people to see what you are thinking.
Striking the right balance between creativity and knowledge, humour and understanding. Any combination could be right, but how do you know? By understanding your business and it's culture we can balance complex and different marketing messages, formulate and implement solutions that work for you, your brand and products.
The world is now digital. In a very short time, we've made quantum leaps in how we think, share and interact with one another, both as individuals and as consumers. We are living in very exciting times and we are busy using our time inventing new experiences and creating opportunities for our clients.
Everything we do is designed to strike the right balance between creativity & functionality. We deliver responsive dynamic websites tailored to consultation, sales and marketing. Our websites are built with our clients in mind, allowing you to easily update, collate data and manage the site through a browser from any location.
Our talented 3D artists have an in-depth understanding of architecture and visual communication. Creating beautiful images, verified views and animations, the results speak for themselves, whether it be winning competitions, achieving planning permission or marketing developments.
Discover a whole new way of viewing your development using VUITNOW. Our 3D communications tool enables you to visualise multiple design configurations, manipulate surroundings, import verified transport and pedestrian data and enhance stakeholder engagement across web and mobile platforms - all in real time.